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How to Fly

How do I book a flight?

Start by by specifying your departure airport, destination airport and date you would like to fly on the book a flight page, then click search. Much like other travel websites, the Lincoln County Airport will present a list of airlines that fly on that date and the time windows that are available to fly. Once you have chosen your time, you may continue by specifying a return leg, or continue to the airline's website to finish the booking process.

Why are no flights available?

If a search for flights brought up no results, it is due most likely to operators being completely at capacity. Air taxi is growing popular after all! If you are flexible, try searching another day. We are working hard to include even more operators and airlines to give you the best choices and most convenient way to travel on any day!

Do you fly out of my airport?

Most likely, yes! Air taxi companies can operate out of many of the small airports that are not served by big commercial airlines, including the airport that maybe just down the road from your home. When searching for aiports on the book a flight page, try typing in the city or airport name to search for the local airport near you.

What kind of plane is it?

Air taxi aircraft vary from 4 seat propellor aircraft (like the Cirrus SR22) to small, twin engine light jets (such as the Cessna Mustang). Airplanes are new and modern and carry a wide (and in many instances amazing) array of safety features.

How many passengers can fly?

Most air taxi aircraft can fly 3 to 10 passengers. Unless otherwise specified, the price includes all seats in the aircraft. For smaller planes, or longer trips, there may be a limiting weight requirement as well.

Are air taxi flights safe?

Commercial air taxi and aircraft charter companies are subject to many of the same rigorous rules and inspections as major airlines. All flight operators must additionally meet stringent certifying criteria to ensure they operate the most modern aircraft at the safest levels. For more information, visit the operator's website to learn about their individual safety criteria.

Where do I go to catch my flight?

Airports served by air taxi and other private flights will have a private terminal on the field. These terminals, also called FBOs, are where you meet your pilot for your air taxi or charter flight. Flight confirmations will include addresses and contact information for the private terminals used by respective operators.

Do I have to go through TSA?

No. There are no security checkpoints or TSA agents between you and your aircraft. Besides hazardous materials, there is no restriction on the amounts of liquid, or food you can bring on your flight as well. In many instances your rental car can drop you off and pick you up right at your airplane.

Are there baggage fees?

No. In general, air taxi and charter companies do not charge baggage fees, however baggage maybe weight-limited. Check the policy for each operator to learn how much baggage can be allowed on your flight.

What is a weight limitation?

Some flight options may specify an additional weight limitation. To ensure safe flying, the combined weight of passengers and baggage cannot exceed this limitation if published.

For more information

Use the contact form on this site. If you are ready to book your trip, head on over to the book a flight page.

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